A message from our Pastor

May 5, 2017

My Dear Parish Family,

Gates can reveal a lot about what is beyond them. A broken-down, vine-covered gate suggests an abandoned house or one where the occupants don’t care much about keeping up property and appearances. An easy swinging gate suggests many people pass through. A decorative gate with an artistic “Welcome” sign suggests that whatever is beyond is pleasant and hospitable. The word “gate” occurs five times in this gospel. Twice it is personified; twice Jesus says, “I am the gate.” Jesus is ever the compassionate, welcoming, protective gate. That he is the gate suggests what is beyond is more than pleasant and hospitable – what is beyond is abundant Life. His risen Life.

We are reminded this Sunday that our simple, everyday actions of being faithful to the Gospel are how we live out our baptism, our entry into following Jesus. When we embrace our baptismal commitment, we enter through Jesus the Gate into a life of being gate and shepherds ourselves.

In Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Walter