A message from our Pastor

Jul 28, 2017

My Dear Parish Family, 

Our relationship with Jesus is to be the most important one in our lives. All other relationships are to arise from our relationship with him. Because of our relationship with Jesus, we will choose to lose our life for him and for one another just as he gave his life for us. And our reward will be the gift of new, fuller Life. We will receive what we have given – the very Life of Jesus himself.

To keep Jesus as the center of our life, we must lose our life for him and others. Losing our life means, for example, giving precious time so one who is overburdened might have some rest; reaching out in friendship to someone who annoys us; changing aspects of our lifestyle when someone confronts us about a self-centered habit. Every time we lose our life for Jesus and others, we grow deeper into life and relationships. We strengthen our relationship with Jesus – the center of our lives. 

In Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Walter