A message from our Pastor

May 18, 2017

My Dear Parish Family,

                  So much of our life seems anything but connected to Jesus and expressive of our love for him. Our sheer busyness hardly leaves us with a moment to catch our breath, let alone be concerned about loving Jesus!

                  Loving Jesus doesn’t require that we pray all the time or that we are consciously aware of Jesus’ presence. Loving Jesus is a simple matter of keeping his commandments – being gentle and reverent toward others, having a clear conscience, doing good. Most of us are already doing what we need to do to be good Christians, but we also need to recognize that these good actions are the way to keep his commandments. In other words, his commandments are pretty simple to know: love as he loved, be self-giving as he was, receive others as he did, do the Father’s will as he did. Most of all, keeping his commandments means opening ourselves to the Spirit who dwells within us and makes us like him.

In Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Walter