A message from our Pastor

Aug 11, 2017

 My Dear Parish Family,

 In today’s Gospel Jesus commands Peter to come to him across the raging sea. Peter doubts who Jesus is, this man with the power to walk on water. Peter becomes distracted by the rage of the storm, the fear in his heart, and his doubt in Jesus’ power. Peter has not yet learned to keep his eye on Jesus. Had he kept his focus on Jesus, Peter would never have begun to sink.

 Jesus never takes his eye off Peter but invites him – despite his doubt – to keep moving toward him in confidence and trust. As with Peter, Jesus invites us to come to him in times of doubt and fear, discouragement and distress, lack of confidence in his abiding presence and help. Jesus never takes his eye off us and never fails to come to us in the challenges of discipleship, the varied circumstances of our daily living, and in the people we encounter each day.

 In Christ’s Peace,

 Fr. Walter