From the Pastor's Desk ~ December 2 - 3

Dec 1, 2017

My Dear Parish Family,

We begin Advent this Sunday not by looking to Christ’s first coming into our midst at the Incarnation, but by looking to Christ’s return at the end of time. Christ has come, fulfilled his mission, and then, like the “lord of the house” in the Gospel, is “traveling abroad.” We, “his servants in charge,” have each been given our own work to do until Christ returns. And what is our first and most important work? Watching for Christ’s coming! We must always remember that the watching is never in vain: our watching hastens encounters with the very One on whom we wait. Our watching and encountering is now and in it the past and future meet. Yes, during this wonderful time of the liturgical year we look to the past to remember Jesus’ becoming incarnate by the power of the Holy Spirit and dwelling among us, as we look to the future when Christ will come again. But we live now, and in this present moment Christ is within us and among us.

In Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Walter