From the Pastor's Desk ~ February 10 - 11, 2018

Feb 12, 2018

Sometimes the news is so good we can’t keep it to ourselves. This might happen when someone is getting married, or having a baby, or is out of the hospital after a long illness. Our joy cannot be contained and so it was with the man afflicted with a skin disease. Even though Jesus himself told him to keep it quiet, that was simply not possible. He told everyone! The news spread throughout the region, and Jesus was left to live with the consequences. Why was the cured man so joyful? Not only because the affliction was cured, but now he was able to be restored to the community. No longer would he have to shout “unclean, unclean” before approaching anyone. Now he was whole and an integral part of the people.

Whom do we see excluded today? What is today’s equivalent of an ancient skin condition? Are there groups or individuals who are effectively preceded with shouts of “unclean”? If we want to be like Jesus we can find those on the margins and bring them into the fold. We may not have the power to heal physical ailments, but we can certainly reach out to the marginalized and draw them close.