From the Pastor's Desk ~ February 3 - 4, 2018

Feb 2, 2018

My Dear Parish Family,

Like those in the Gospel who come to Jesus for healing, we all come to Jesus with expectations. The challenge is to move beyond our expectations to what Jesus really wants to give us – the Good News of salvation.

Jesus’ presence to us today and his healing hand do not assure us that we will never suffer. Human life is full of suffering – physical, emotional, spiritual. The new life and hope Jesus brings by preaching the Good News does not give us the assurance of never suffering. The Good News does assure us, however, of having the strength to keep the suffering in perspective. Jesus assures us that suffering belongs to this life, but this is not all there is to life.

We need to allow Jesus’ presence to transform us so that our every breath is a proclamation of God’s saving mystery. Most of us won’t go out to neighboring towns to preach. But we can smile a simple thank-you to the tired cashier in the supermarket. We can bite out tongue rather than snap at the rambunctious children. We can do something thoughtful for someone when it is not expected. Like Jesus, we can be a living Gospel, the Good News in action. Then is our normal human suffering kept in perspective.

In Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Walter