From the Pastor's Desk ~ November 25 - 26, 2017

Nov 22, 2017

My Dear Parish Family,

Who are the “least” among us to whom Jesus admonishes us to reach out in the Gospel? Certainly they are the hungry, thirsty, naked, imprisoned, etc. But they also include, for example, someone in the family who may be imprisoned by depression and needs to be set free. Or someone at work who may be hungering for a deserved compliment. Or someone at the parish who thirsts to have his or her gifts called forth. The “least” have many faces.

Actually, the “least” among us all have one and the same face: that of Christ. The simple graciousness of responding to another’s need is truly an encounter with the Christ who is always present, even when we are not conscious of his presence. When we allow ourselves to be blessed by Christ our King’s presence in those we need, we inherit eternal glory and discover our own blessedness.

Our blessedness makes demands on us – we must spend ourselves for the good of others. We enter Christ’s kingdom at the end of time because we have been building his kingdom here and now in our manner of treating one another and especially the least among us. Helping others is not simple philanthropy; it is acting out of who we are: “the blessed of the Father.”

In Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Walter