23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time ~ September 8, 2019

Sep 6, 2019

My Dear Parish Family,

Big life decisions require calculated thought. We calculate the gains and losses of selling our home. We calculate the positives and negatives of accepting a new job. We calculate the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate when voting. “Great crowds” were following Jesus. Did they have any inkling of the cost? Did they remain a great crowd or become drifters?

Jesus clearly forewarns us about the cost of journeying with him: a priority relationship with him that demands total self-giving. Faced with calculating the cost of discipleship, do we choose to be part of Jesus’ faithful companions on the journey, or do we choose to become drifters? We are Jesus’ faithful companions when, for example, we take the necessary steps to forgive someone who has seriously hurt us or stay the course of living with less so those with little can have what they need. We drift away from Jesus when, for example, we follow the path of least resistance in face of an unjust situation  or insist on our own way despite the needs of others in our family or workplace. The cost of discipleship is this choice: to be Jesus ‘ companions – or drifters.

In Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Walter