A message from our Pastor

Jan 22, 2016

My Dear Parish Family,

        We are all familiar with the power of words to shape our identity and way of living. Society offers conflicting messages which often pull us in many directions. In the midst of all these competing words, God’s word is the true source of our identity as Christian people.

                  As Luke’s community received Jesus’ teachings, so have we. Our ministry? Transpose Jesus’ teachings from words on a page to a way of living. Who are the poor, the captives, the sightless in our midst? Who needs the glad tidings of God’s mercy and presence preached to them? How is our word Jesus’ word that is “fulfilled in our hearing”? Do our lives bear out our own certainty about the “teachings we have received”? Christian living is none other than taking God’s word and making it concrete by the very way we live. Our daily living is the Word made flesh among us. Such powerful words!

Candlemas Day … Candles will be blessed at the Tuesday, February 2nd, 7:30 a.m. Mass here in our Parish.  You may bring candles from your home to be blessed.  Candles will also be available to take home with you for a free-will offering. Candles will also be available during the weekend Masses of February 6 & 7.

The Feast of Saint Blaise is February 3rd.  Blaise was a Bishop of Sebaste in Armenia and was martyred for his faith in the year 316. Legend says that he was a physician before becoming a Bishop. While in prison he miraculously cured a young boy who was choking from a fish bone in his throat.  Saint Blaise became one of the most popular saints during the Middle Ages, being invoked as a helper in times of sickness related to the throat. The tradition of blessing the throats of parishioners with two crossed candles has been popular for centuries. The ritual prayer is “Through the intercession of Saint Blaise, bishop and martyr, may the Lord deliver you from every disease of the throat and from every other illness.”

In Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Walt