A message from our Pastor

May 6, 2016

My Dear Parish Family, 
   Tree and plant roots are invisible but so vital; they spread sometimes to unimaginable length, they nourish, they anchor, they harbor life when what is above ground is dead. Invisible roots make possible the beauty and joy of the visible leaves, fruit, or flowers.

   This is one of the few times when a gospel records actual words of Jesus’ prayer. And this prayer is for us. His prayer is for our life. His prayer is for the love and unity among us that makes visible the glory of the risen presence of Christ. When Jesus prays that his and the Father’s love and unity take root in his disciples, he is praying that we may go to great lengths to continue his mission, may nourish others, may be supportive for others during difficult times, may bring new life and hope when life seems dead. The glory of new life comes from faithful discipleship and witness.

 In Christ’s Peace,

 Fr. Walt