A message from our Pastor

May 13, 2016

My Dear Parish Family,

Pentecost culminates our fifty-day celebration of the Easter mystery. The first Sundays of the Easter Season focused on the risen Jesus as the embodiment of the paschal mystery. The last Sundays transfer the focus from Jesus to ourselves as his disciples. All that Jesus was and did, the Spirit empowers us to become and do.

The first reading from Acts narrates Luke’s Pentecost account in powerful terms: “strong driving wind,” “tongues of fire,” “speak in different tongues.” These are God’s actions undertaken on our behalf. The Gospel, on the other hand, promises the coming of the Spirit in gentler, relational terms: as a teacher and One who comes to remind us of what Jesus has taught. In the Gospel the emphasis is not so much on God’s power as on our receptivity to God’s indwelling presence, word, and commandment which enable us to be faithful disciples. Both power and gentle relationship characterize the disciple who has received the Spirit. God’s power in the Spirit gives birth to a new relationship of love and divine indwelling.

In Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Walt