A message from our Pastor

May 20, 2016

My Dear Parish Family,

The Trinity is, indeed, a lofty mystery which comes down from the “heights” when we ourselves make God’s presence known by the way we live. The triune mystery is revealed in our own loving others, in our doing good for others, in our being persons of integrity and truth. The mystery of the Trinity is concrete when we act out of the dignity which has been bestowed upon us – those who carry divine Life within them.

As difficult as it is to grasp the mystery of God’s triune majesty, it is even more difficult to grasp that God loves us enough to share divine Life and glory with us. God chooses to dwell within and among us. Living the dying and rising of the paschal mystery means that we are faithful witnesses to the God within. The give-and-take necessary for growing in God’s Life is the dynamic rhythm of the give-and-take, dying-and-rising of the paschal mystery. We give ourselves over for the good of others so that we can take the risen Life God gives us in the Holy Spirit.

In Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Walt