A message from our Pastor

May 25, 2016

My Dear Parish Family,

Our sharing in the Body and Blood of Christ isn't just for ourselves. St. Paul in his First Letter to the Corinthians makes it clear that 'we eat and drink ourselves into the paschal mystery'. That is, when our eating and drinking truly "proclaim the death of the Lord until he comes", we ourselves "hand over" our bodies - our lives - for the salvation of others. What the Twelve were not able to do for the crowd - provide food for so many - we can do if we do as Jesus did: hand ourselves over.

The deepest mystery this solemnity celebrates is not only that Jesus gives us his own Body and Blood as nourishment which satisfies us fully. It is also that we, too, must give our very own body and blood to others so that they might be satisfied. And when the "leftover fragments" of ourselves are gathered up, we will find ourselves sharing in the everlasting abundance of the messianic banquet.

In Christ's Peace,

Fr. Walt