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A message from our Pastor

Posted by Patricia Quirk on 10/30/15

My Dear Parish Family,

The Saints we honor this day are not “up there,” but “in here” – in our minds and hearts.  They model for us how to live the Gospel faithfully in concrete, everyday ways.  They preached the Gospel in word and action; they cared for their ... Read More »

Message from our Pastor

Posted by Patricia Quirk on 10/23/15

My Dear Parish Family,

Although Bartimaeus models discipleship, he is not the center of the story because discipleship is never about us.  The center of the story and the heart of discipleship is always Jesus.  And, as always, Jesus offers us more than we know to ask.  Bartimaeus asked ... Read More »

From the Pastor's desk

Posted by Patricia Quirk on 10/14/15

My Dear Parish Family,Much of our doing for others is simply part of our everyday circumstances, for example, parents taking care of their children or a worker cooperating with others on a team job. Being the servant of all isn’t always something extra or big; most of the time ... Read More »