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A message from our Pastor

Posted by Patricia Quirk on 6/26/15

My Dear Parish Family,

 In the midst of “a large crowd gathered around” Jesus, Jairus kneels humbly at his feet and the “woman afflicted with hemorrhages” quietly touches his cloak. Both individuals act out of faith. In response, Jesus heals. We learn from these healing accounts how important it is ... Read More »

A message from our Pastor

Posted by Patricia Quirk on 6/19/15

My Dear Parish Family,

Like the disciples, we must learn to leave the crowd and take Jesus with us in our “boat” – on our life’s journey.  When violent squalls come up, waves break over our boat, frightening us.  Jesus can seem asleep until we cry out to him.  ... Read More »

My Dear Parish Family

Posted by Patricia Quirk on 6/12/15

The Kingdom of God starts small – with each of us – but when we allow ourselves to grow in God’s life, the Kingdom becomes all encompassing.  As the community of the church, we are able to respond to the needs of the entire world.  As a parish community, ... Read More »

Greetings from Our Pastor!

Posted by Patricia Quirk on 6/05/15

 My Dear Parish Family,


This Sunday’s feast is a “repeat” of what we celebrated just a few weeks ago on Holy Thursday.  Jesus does something entirely new and unimaginably significant: he gives himself – his very Body and ... Read More »