From the Pastor's Desk ~ December 16 - 17

Dec 15, 2017

My Dear Parish Family,

It’s easy and comfortable to recognize Christ in the expected places and ways. When we enter the peace of a church, for example, we expect to find God. When we sit and pray in our homes, we expect to find God and have our prayers answered. All this is good. However, living in the paschal mystery means that we take up the mission of Christ ourselves, that we ourselves are to be Christ for others. Especially during these final days before Christmas when everyone is so busy, we can forget that our mission is like John’s: to testify to the light. We do this by how we respond to those around us: take time to listen to the one hurting, visit those who might be forgotten, do with a little less ourselves so that others might have more, take time to pray, remember to give thanks, offer a helping hand, reorganize our priorities, praise the God in others.

In Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Walter