From the Pastor's Desk ~ March 31 - April 1, 2018 Easter Sunday

Mar 30, 2018


My Dear Parish Family,

Easter Sunday is more than a celebration of the resurrection of Christ. It is also an invitation to each of us to preach the gospel and take our place in the long line of witnesses to Jesus’ risen life. Perhaps this is why we are so awed at the mystery: not just that Jesus was raised from the dead, but that God entrusts us with Jesus’ mission and with being witnesses to God’s mighty deed of resurrection. It appears as if God trusts us a great deal. The issue and challenge of this Easter Sunday isn’t so much to pass over from misunderstanding to belief; it is to pass over from receiving a share in Jesus’ risen life to, like Mary and the early disciples, proclaiming the good news to all we meet. No wonder we continually sing out alleluia! – it means so many things: Christ’s risen life and our share in it; seeing and believing; witnessing to these great events. And so we sing again … ALLELUIA!!!

In Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Walter