From the Pastor's Desk ~ October 13 - 14, 2018

Oct 15, 2018

My Dear Parish Family,

Each of us has something or another holding us back from a complete and wholehearted commitment to following

Jesus. For some it might be a sense of pride and social standing we receive from our position at work. What happens when that is gone? What happens when the job is lost?

Of course, in the end, at our death, we take no earthly possessions with us. What matters more is love, relationships, care, and concern we have shown to others. A desperate clinging to that which is merely passing makes one unfit to be a follower of Jesus. This week we are reminded that no earthly possession, no job title or position, and no status is anything compared  to the relationship we have with Jesus as one of his followers.

In Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Walter