Greetings from Fr. Walt

Apr 24, 2015

Most of us have grown up with the stained glass image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd, carrying the lost lamb on His shoulders.  It is a comforting, reassuring image we reiterate every time we repeat the 23rd Psalm.

But how many of us have honestly identified ourselves with that lamb and the reasons why he got lost in the first place?  We like to describe ourselves as strong as an ox, or as gentle as a dove, or as courageous as a lion..but few of us would choose to compare ourselves with a sheep.  And yet that is how the bible describes us, all of us, and thus we need a shepherd.  A Good Shepherd, who is willing to lay down His life.  It was for sheep that he died.  While we were yet helpless sheep, He gave his life for our life.  This is the whole story of the Good Shepherd.

In Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Walt