32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time ~ November 8, 2020

Today, Jesus likened the Kingdom of heaven to the ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. The Gospel tells us that among the ten virgins, five of them were wise and the other five were foolish. The parable is very rich with symbolic meaning.

The wise virgins who have the extra oil represent the true Christian believers who are looking with eagerness to the coming of Christ. They are ready with expectations. The other five virgins without the oil represent false believers who enjoy the benefits of the Christian community without the true love for God. They are more concerned about the party than longing to see the bridegroom. They want to gain access based on association. They have the vessel but they don’t have the light. They don’t have what they need to gain access. This is called access denied. They are not prepared. As a result, the door was shot against them. We must continuously renew our strength in God’s wisdom and love.

We are all awaiting the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ but it doesn’t mean we are all wise. It’s only those who are vigilant and prepared for his coming are wise. We have to be prepared always both spiritually and physically. For only the wise will be welcome into the Wedding Feast of Heaven. The supply of oil can also be viewed as a symbol of wisdom.

We are told that the five virgins who have enough oil for their lamps are called “wise virgins.” The Wisdom of God is very necessary both for our spiritual and physical life. It’s a virtue we must all cultivate wisely to help us to grow in our spiritual life. It’s one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit we must continue to seek. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit we are able to discern the things of God.

In the scripture, Solomon asked for the wisdom of God, and it was given to him. God blessed him beyond measures. As Christians, we too are called to be wise and to always ask of God’s wisdom to excel in our Christian duties and discernment.

Today’s first reading expressed this wonderful virtue; “Resplendent and unfading is wisdom.” The reading encourages us to love her and to seek her, for she will not be disappointed. Wisdom is the perfection of prudence. The more we grow in God’s love and wisdom, the more we are able to build a good relationship with God. To seek wisdom is to seek God. Jesus calls us today to be prepared for his coming and to continue to seek his mercy, love and wisdom. Let us be spiritually and physically wise to always seek him. Amen.

God is good…all the time.

God bless you.

Fr. Daniel E. Ogbeifun