Fifth Sunday of Easter 2020

Today, the fifth Sunday of Easter, we celebrate Mother’s Day. First of all, I would like to say a happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers, those soon to be Mothers, and to all those with the responsibility of a Mother in their family and at home. As we know, this month of May is also the month of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Mother. We dedicate this month to all Mothers asking our good Mother, Mary to intercede for them.

It is a special day we celebrate the blessings we have from all the mothers who care for us, especially those who have done so much for us, with such great job of teaching us the faith, caring and leading us to the right path. Your faith in God is awesome. Congratulations to you all.

Jesus tells us in today’s Gospel; “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You have faith in God; have faith also in me…” The Gospel proposes twofold commandments of faith: “To believe in God and to believe in Jesus.” Jesus encourages us to have faith in God, and not to trouble our hearts so much. Jesus knew we would experience many troubles, setbacks, disappointments, obstacles, etc. But he encourages us in the gospel of John 16:33 he says; “In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world." The courage Jesus is taking about is to be strong in Faith.

Jesus is asking us today to activate our faith and not to Fear. Use your faith in the right direction and be positive about yourself. Jesus is the way we must follow, the truth we must believe and the life we must embrace. He is the source of life. Jesus is the way that never needs repair. Our God is a God of increase. He wants us to rise higher. Sometimes you need faith spoken over you to ignite what is on the inside. All through the day we have the choice to believe either God is in control and good things are in store for us or we can go around to trouble ourselves, get worried, being negative, expecting the worst, afraid of many things, etc. But what you don’t realize is that you are activating fear, instead of faith.

Here is the key; whatever you meditate on is what is going to take root. If you dwell on that fear all day and you let it play again and again in your mind, then it becomes a reality in you. That was exactly what Job said; ”The things I fear came upon me.” Fear is using your faith in the wrong direction. Your faith will work in the negative, just as well it will in the positive. Just turn it around, start inviting victory, positive thoughts and things into your life and be more positive, trust God more in everything.  Jesus tells us; “I am with you always until the end of time…” Jesus is with us.

There is always a blessing when we trust God more and follow his ways. Jesus communicates this to us in John’s Gospel: “Amen, amen I say to you, whoever believes in me will do the works that I do and will do even greater than these.” Jesus wants us to do greater things through our faith in Him. Jesus wants us to become him in our world.

We are source of God’s love in the world, as St. Theresa of Avila would say; “Christ has no body now on earth, but yours, no hands now but yours, no feet but yours. Yours are the eyes through which Christ shines his compassion to the world. Yours are the feet through which Jesus is to go about doing good. Yours are the hands through which Jesus is to bless his people now and always.”

Be positive, be strong in faith and stay safe.

God is good…all the time.

God bless you.

Fr. Daniel E Ogbeifun.



  • Michael DudkowskiPosted on 5/08/20

    Beautiful words of inspiration. God bless you Father Daniel

  • Debbie BielakPosted on 5/07/20

    Will Miss Being at Church On Sunday, We Had a Mass I Believe @ 8:30 For Martha Bielak. My Mother in law!! Mother's Day Masses Are Always Special!! Hopefully Soon We Can Again Attend Church

  • Betty NewtonPosted on 5/07/20

    You’re words either said or written are always so inspiration .You are a blessing to us all my friend.

  • Donna DeFlippoPosted on 5/07/20

    Thank you Father Daniel for all you do to keep our parish together. I know I can’t wait to get back to church. Meanwhile I enjoy mass on Facebook with you. Stay well see you soon hopefully. God is good

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