Fr. Daniel issued an important Pastoral Letter to us this weekend

Dear Parishioners of All Saints Parish,

Since I became your Pastor in December of 2019, many things have happened on our parish, in the church and in the world. We have faced many challenges together. The pandemic has certainly overshadowed all our lives for the past eighteen months. The abuse crisis, with its resulting diocesan bankruptcy, has been a dark period for our local church.

Looking forward, we are asked to become a Family of Parishes with our good neighbors Immaculate Conception, St. Brendan on the Lake, and St. John the Baptist. This is an opportunity for All Saints Parish to use our strengths for the good of the church in Eastern Niagara County.

But we cannot give what we do not have. We cannot evangelize if we have not received the Gospel. We are strong together in Faith. Separated, we are weaker. Which is why I now implore you to come to Mass each week. If you can come, please come. If you are unable, please watch our livestream Mass, which is always archived to view at your convenience. Read and pray over the Gospel each week. Listen to my homily. Unite yourself and your family with your Faith family here at All Saints Parish. Let us know if we can help you.

If you are coming to Mass, can you do more? Is it time to begin, or to return to, ministry at All Saints? We are actively seeking liturgical ministers for all the areas of the liturgy: lectors, altar servers, Eucharistic ministers, ushers, greeters, technology volunteers, sacristans and choir members. Our bulletin and website will have information about events and meetings coming up at the parish. Please attend, or consider volunteering to help.

Be sure to see to the sacramental and spiritual lives of your children and grandchildren. Have them baptized. Bring them to Faith Formation. For older youth, we are beginning a weekly Youth Group on Tuesday nights. We will begin a monthly program on Sundays called Living in Faith Together (LIFT) for the whole family to come together to learn, feast and strengthen our faith. If your children are behind on sacraments, please let me know. We are always here to help families catch up and bring their children fully into God’s fold.

Please support us with your financial donations according to your means. Please prayerfully consider the amount you can give each week or month. Make your donation to All Saints an item on your household budget. Our ability to hold Masses, events and educational programs is entirely dependent on people of faith making a voluntary contribution. Without your generosity we would cease to exist.

As we navigate these challenging times together, let us not forget that Jesus Christ is our Guiding Star. Let us recommit ourselves to Him.

God Is Good!

Fr. Daniel


  • robert stalkerPosted on 9/05/21

    Since I am in a rehab for at least another month, I cannot attend mass or be involved in ministry...BUT! I am prayer warrior and would like to be involved that way.

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