March 22, 2020 Fourth Sunday of Lent

Today’s gospel presents the healing of the man who was born blind. He said; “One thing I do know is; I was blind but now I see.”

This man was blind from birth, he couldn’t see, he was lost, he was in darkness right from birth but the good news is; now he could see, now he could feel the presence of Jesus, our healer, our restorer. What a great God we serve.

There are many people in our world today, they are going through some hard times in their lives, moments of darkness, they couldn’t see the light, many are lost and in a hopeless situation. But there is hope and healing for such people like this man born blind.

Jesus promised us and said; “Do not let your hearts be troubled, you have faith in God and have faith also in me…” (John 14:1) In other words, Jesus is saying I am ready to turn on the light again. “Trust and believe in me.”

As we journey together during this trying time, moments of darkness and hopelessness. I encouraged we remain calm, strong in faith and steadfast in our prayers together. Let us put aside every fear and worry and have time to dialogue with Jesus in our prayers as he leads us from hopelessness to hope, from emptiness to fulfillment and from darkness to light.

I will be saying my private Mass daily by myself in my rectory chapel for everyone, especially for the already scheduled Mass intentions. I asked that you visit the parish website for updates.

The church will remain open for private prayers and devotions during the scheduled Mass times. [Edited: since this was written, to comply with new state directives, the church and chapel can no longer be open for private prayer.] Know that your donations/offertory online would be acknowledged and updated. Please be safe and know that you are in my prayers. Keep me in your prayers too.

We will go through this…

Fr. Daniel


  • Debra FilipowiczPosted on 4/03/20

    Fr. Daniel,
    Thank you for your most uplifting words in your homilies in recent weeks. Your encouragement in this crisis means a lot! May God be with you and bless you!

  • Nicole UrbanczykPosted on 3/29/20

    Hi Fr. Daniel- thank you for your comforting words. We are thinking of you!
    Don, Nicole and Charlie

  • Nicole UrbanczykPosted on 3/29/20

    Hi Fr. Daniel- thank you for your comforting words. We are thinking of you!
    Don, Nicole and Charlie Urbanczyk

  • Hank & Sue BeamerPosted on 3/22/20

    Fr. Daniel - Someone DID read your comments! We are so sorry that your initiation to All Saints parish has had so many challenges. Thank you for your prayers and be assured that you are in ours!
    Please stay healthy. God bless you. With love, Hank & Sue

  • Susan DiebelPosted on 3/22/20

    Father Daniel , thank you for the explanation on todays gospel. I know that God has a plan to get us through this difficult time. Because God is good all the time , and all the time God is good.

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