Limited Ministry and Committee Meeting Slots Available

As part of the next phase in our soft reopening of All Saints Parish, Fr. Daniel is opening up the Parish Hall for a limited number of meetings for existing parish committees or ministries. In order to ensure the safety of everyone during this trial period, and to provide for proper sanitizing, the following guidelines will apply:


* All participants will wear a mask and maintain six feet distance from others.

* No food or beverages will be served, except for a limited supply of bottled water.

* Attendance is limited to a maximum of 50 people.

* The room will be arranged to accommodate your meeting.

* The meeting start time should be set so that the agenda is completed by 8:00 pm so that our staff may sanitize after.


Beginning Tuesday, October 13, each existing committee or ministry is invited to submit a request for their meeting to [email protected]. Please request a date within the next four weeks. Include the purpose of the meeting, and allow two business days for confirmation of your request before publicizing the meeting to your group. At this time we are unable to host any public events, or any events involving the serving of food. We invite our guests to carry in, and carry out, their own personal beverage. No food can be brought in at this time. We look forward to returning more fully to our active parish life as we emerge from this pandemic.


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