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BustedHalo Cast #167: How can God love us?

How does God love us when we sin? Coming Attractions for this week's Gospel Church Search is in Ypsilanti, MI.

BustedHalo Cast #166 - How did you choose your religious order?

If you feel called, how can you choose from all those religious orders? Coming Attractions for Sunday's gospel. Church Search is in Prairieville, Louisiana. (917) 591 8476 for your questions or [email protected],com

BustedHaloCast #165 - Can Catholics be organ donors?

Question: Can Catholics donate their body to science. Coming Attractions for this Sunday. Church Search is in St Louis: Missouri: St. Louis Washington University Catholic Student Center 6352 Forsyth Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63105-2269, USA (314) 935-9191

BustedHaloCast #164 - Discussing Faith at Work

This week's Question: I went on retreat last weekend and brought my luggage to work and my co-workers disparaged me. How should I have responded? Coming Attractions for this week's gospel. Church Search is in Boston. Hear about Brittany's dog Shiloe.

BustedHaloCast #163 - Confession for Non Catholics?

In BustedHaloCast 163...

We stand corrected on a question about confession.

A facelift for

Coming Attractions for Sunday's Gospel

And a Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama


BustedHaloCast #162

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What is the Assumption of Mary?

Coming Attractions and

Church Search is in Perrysburg, OH

BustedHalo cast #161

Question on the desecration of the Eucharist Wrapping up World youth Day Coming Attractions Church Search is in Omaha

BustedHaloCast #160

From World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia. How can we recapture the spirit of World Youth Day once we get back home? Coming Attractions for Sunday A church in chicago

BustedHalo Cast #159

Baptisms during Lent?


Coming Attractions for Sunday.


Church Search is in Bradshaw, MD


Upcoming...Podcast from the Papal Mass.

BustedHalo Cast #158

Can you drape an American flag on a casket at a Catholic funeral?

Coming attractions for Sunday from Isaiah

Church Search is in St Louis.