Upon This Rock


3/31/2019:  Heritage Organ Co. has been working to restore and renovate the beautiful Organ that graces our Church. They have now finished the “Great Division” on the organ and are preparing to complete the project by restoring the “Swell Division.” They are currently working on this off-site and will soon be laboring in our balcony choir loft to finish this wonderful undertaking. We are looking for completion around Advent Season of this year. We hope to celebrate this accomplishment with a Guest Organist Organ Recital.

The work on our Church organ has been made possible through donations made to the Upon This Rock initiative. This was a major project offered as a need in our parish and parishioners have been so generous in their donations and pledges to Upon This Rock so as to make this renovation a reality. We thank all of those who have contributed to this very special cause that is directly benefiting All Saints Parish.

During this challenging time for our faithful, the Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo wants to reassure its many generous donors and supporters of the following:

   --Incorporated in 1996, the Foundation has operated over the past 22 years as a legally distinct corporation from the Diocese of Buffalo and will continue to do so.

 --Donations to The Foundation, including Upon This Rock gifts, invested in the St. Joseph Investment Fund, Inc, a professionally managed investment fund, are not discretionary assets of the Diocese and cannot be used by the Diocese for victim abuse settlements, reconciliation fund payments, claims made by creditors, legal fees or anything other than its dedicated mission of philanthropy.

Thank you, Fr Walter


2/1/2019:  We are happy to announce the receipt of our third distribution of proceeds from Upon This Rock! All Saints Parish has received $14,481, bringing the total received to date to $83,024. Thank you to everyone who has made pledges and payments to this initiative. The funds have already been put to use for lighting and energy upgrades. Renovations of the great division of the pipe organ are underway. Much more is to come! To recap, our proceeds are earmarked for:

St. Patrick’s Campus: renovation of the pipe organ and the rectory, cleaning the marble high altar, and repairing the church sub-floor.

St. Patrick’s Cemetery: development of a columbarium, and increasing the principal in the Perpetual Care Fund.

Parish-wide: energy-saving measures, and enhancements to security.

For questions about your Upon This Rock pledge, please call 847-8740.