Upon This Rock


We are happy to announce the receipt of our third distribution of proceeds from Upon This Rock! All Saints Parish has received $14,481, bringing the total received to date to $83,024. Thank you to everyone who has made pledges and payments to this initiative. The funds have already been put to use for lighting and energy upgrades. Renovations of the great division of the pipe organ are underway. Much more is to come! To recap, our proceeds are earmarked for:

St. Patrick’s Campus: renovation of the pipe organ and the rectory, cleaning the marble high altar, and repairing the church sub-floor.

St. Patrick’s Cemetery: development of a columbarium, and increasing the principal in the Perpetual Care Fund.

Parish-wide: energy-saving measures, and enhancements to security.

For questions about your Upon This Rock pledge, please call 847-8740.