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Aug. 12 Monday of the Nineteenth Week of Ordinary Time; Optional Memorial of St. Jane Frances de Chantal, religious (USA), Weekday

St. Jane was a married woman and a mother of seven children from Dijon, France. Her husband was killed in a hunting accident. In 1604, upon being deeply moved by the preaching of Francis de Sales, Jane asked him to become her spiritual director. She founded the Visitation nuns in 1610. Jane worked tirelessly helping the sick, and she convinced local political rulers to make special provisions for the sick and the bereaved. During the last years of her life, she experienced periods of spiritual aridity. She established eighty-five monasteries before her death in 1641.

Happy 5th Birthday, ChurchPOP! Here’s Some of Our Best Content Ever

April 11, 2019 marks the ChurchPOP’s 5th birthday. Happy Birthday to ChurchPOP! In celebration of this great day, here’s a top 10

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Aug. 11 Nineteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time, Sunday

Jesus said to his disciples: "Do not be afraid any longer, little flock, for your Father is pleased to give you the kingdom. Sell your belongings and give alms. Provide money bags for yourselves that do not wear out, an inexhaustible treasure in heaven that no thief can reach nor moth destroy. For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be."

The 13th C. Nun Who Fearlessly Defeated an Army With the Eucharist

Have you ever heard the story about St. Clare’s Eucharistic miracle? It sure is amazing! St. Clare of Assisi is most well-known

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Aug. 10 Feast of St. Lawrence, deacon and martyr, Feast

Lawrence was chief among the seven deacons who served the Roman Church during the mid-third century. The young cleric held a position of great trust, caring for the goods of the Church and distributing its alms among the poor. He was arrested under the Emperor Valerian in 258, laid upon a gridiron and slowly roasted to death. Lawrence rejoiced in his awful martyrdom and died praying for the conversion of the city of Rome, in the hope that from it the faith of Christ might spread throughout the world. From that time idolatry began to decline in Rome.

“That’s a Scandal”: Cardinal Burke Rebukes Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Says Capitol Hill Attacks Catholic Faith

What a brave cardinal! Martha MacCallum recently interviewed Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke about the Democratic 2020 candidates. Cardinal Burke explained why “the

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Sister Selvi returns to Buffalo

After spending a decade in Western New York and six years in Texas, Sister Selvi Rayappan, CSA, returned to the Buffalo Diocese.

Finding Christ in the beggar at the church door

We are right in the middle of the "dog days" of summer - those steamy, humid summer days when we really feel the oppression of the heat.

Msgr. Leon M. Neu 1927-2019

Msgr. Leon M. Neu, former pastor of St. Patrick Parish in Randolph, died Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2019. He was 91.

In Wake of Horrific, Hate Filled Violence in El Paso, USCCB Migration Chairman, Domestic Social Development Chairman, and Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee on Racism Call for Change in Language and Rhetoric of All Americans

WASHINGTON— Today, Bishops from three committees at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) expressed their deep concern about racism and xenophobia that apparently motivated this weekend’s massacre in El Paso and that have motivated numerous other recent mass shootings in the United States. The Chairmen called on our elected officials to exert leadership in seeking to heal the wounds that these shootings have caused and to deal with the scourges of racism, xenophobia, and religious bigotry, including refraining from expressing hurtful, painful, and divisive rhetoric that dehumanizes and polarizes people on the basis of their race, religion, ethnicity, or national origin.  

Bishop Joe S. Vásquez of Austin, chairman of the Committee on Migration, Bishop Frank J. Dewane, Bishop of Venice, FL, chairman of the Committee on Domestic Social Development, and Bishop Shelton J. Fabre, Bishop of Houma-Thibodaux, chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee Against Racism offered the following comments.

“The tragic loss of life of 22 people this weekend in El Paso demonstrates that hate-filled rhetoric and ideas can become the motivation for some to commit acts of violence. The anti-immigrant, anti-refugee, anti-Muslim, and anti-Semitic sentiments that have been publicly proclaimed in our society in recent years have incited hatred in our communities. Hatred and harsh rhetoric were echoed in the El Paso shooter’s explanation about why he committed this weekend’s shooting, as well as being evident in the motivation of the shooters who attacked the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh last year and the Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston in 2015. We, therefore, renew our call to all to act swiftly to stop using hate-filled language that demeans and divides us and motivates some to such horrific violence. Instead, we ask our leaders and all Americans to work to unite us as a great, diverse, and welcoming people.”

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